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A Very Special Trip To Kyoto Station

Today Teruko and I took the bus to Kyoto Station to go shopping. We didn't even end up buying anything, except for lunch, so I'm not sure exactly why we went in the first place.
For some reason there were a lot of retards walking around today. I don't mean like "stupid people," I mean like actual retards. They were all over the place, just kind of bumbling around in their sweatsuits and white sneakers. But they were like totally random, not like in a big group or anything. It's not like I'm against retards or anything, I'm just wondering, why were there suddenly so many of them?
We ate lunch at some soba/udon place, it was pretty good. Unfortunately neither one of us had slept in like a day and a half, and it was hot out and starting to get humid, so we both felt like shit and I couldn't finish my food. I was going to steal the little sauce holder-type bottle thing (it just looked cool), but I was too tired to STEAL. Can you fucking believe that? That's how tired I was. Damn.

(Where the fuck are my smokes?)

I looked around the CD shop in the mall-type place we were in for Kunimoto Takeharu's CD (ANY of them) but I had no idea where to look. He plays the shamisen, which is kind of like a reeeaaallllyyy old Japanese banjo-looking instrument, except he plays it more like a guitar, songs that sound like "Freebird" and shit. The guy is fucking rad. Really nice voice, too. He's got a lot of soul for an old Japanese guy. They didn't have a single album of his, and the clerks had never even heard of him. I told them to go back home because their Brittany Spears mp3's were getting lonely. They didn't seem to get it.

(Aa, here they are.)

On the way back home, Teruko and I both fell asleep on the bus. I had this weird fucking dream about being in India or maybe Morocco at some outdoor market, and I was balancing these clay plate-looking things in both hands, and for some reason I got really pissed off and threw them up in the air and just let the drop and break. The instant they hit the ground and shattered, I woke up just as the bus was pulling up to my stop and just as I dropped my ticket on the floor. Pretty much as soon as we got home, around 3, Teruko and I fell asleep on the floor. We woke up just before 8pm, and I was fucking pissed to find that because of the goddamn monkey turd-collecting ballsack-grabbing shit-sucking motherfucking Tokyo Giants, "Warau Inu" wasn't going to be on tonight. I was like "Fuck this," and I would have gone back to sleep except Teruko made me dinner. We watched TV and talked and shit, and I helped her with her English homework and she went to sleep. She's up in the loft right now.

I'll write more again tomorrow. I've got to get back to work on the new chapter I'm writing for my book and then I've got to get to sleep. Later.
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