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Pimp Minister

Goddamn, man. Koizumi Jun-chan (as I like to call him, being best buds and all), the new prime minister of Japan, is the raddest fucking politician I've ever seen. This guy's a total PIMP, man.He's going to do a lot of good things for My Island, I can tell. The dude's a fucking genius. He looks like Richard Gere, too, but that doesn't really enter into it. Maybe he'll do something about those fucking wannabe losers that keep dirtying my TV, like that fucking monkey Misia, and ANYONE from Janizu Jr., and Kuraki Mai, and Butada Hikaru, and 99.9% of all the shit dramas they've been running for the last year or so. I doubt anything will happen, but at least I can dream.

They caught that guy with the stupid hat who shanked that one chick, the guy who was wearing the bear or fox or whatever it was on his head. He was in some factory in Asakusa. I think it's fucked that the girl got snuffed, but what the fuck is the point of showing hours of footage of her funeral and interviews with people from her school who had never even met her and all of this shit? Yeah, she's dead, we know. She's been consistently dead since she was initially murdered (which is the first major side effect of being murdered, actually). And you know how I know that? Because it's been on the news every day for like two weeks. I saw it yesterday, in fact. And the day before, too. And when I saw it tonight, she was STILL dead. I'm even willing to bet that tomorrow, when she's on the news again, she'll still be STONE COLD DEAD. Jon Benet-style. Come on, bet me. Anyone?
Please show me something else, News. I'm getting real tired of it. Oh well, at least it's better than Koreans jumping in front of fucking trains again.
To put it My Dad-style, "I guess I just have to wait for some other broad to get whacked."
Thanks, Ken.
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