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The American Dream

I've decided on something. I'm going to search for It.

The American Dream.

This is a letter I wrote to my two partners, whom I'm hoping will be able to accompany me on my journey:


Hey~ I want to talk to You about some shit. I have an idea, and I wanted to know like how You guys thought about it.
Ifm probably gonna be going back to the States around like September, or at the latest October, but probably not that late. Ifm trying to find my ass a job and shit right now to save up a shitload of money for my trip, cuz if everything goes as Ifm thinking itfs gonna be kind of expensive.
Ifve spent the last week or so watching my brand new copy of Fear & Loathing and it came to me. I need to do something. But I canft do it alone. I need other Folks with the same basic Beliefs and who have come to the same Understandings as I have. That means You guys. I donft know if this is going to be possible, cuz like I know that You, unlike me, have important shit to do and are relatively busy Folks, what with school, for Shea, and probably work, for Scot-tho, but Ifm hoping that maybe something can be managed, because in order for this to work Ifll need at least one of You, if not both. Itfs gonna take kind of a lot of money, and a lot of time to prepare, and from start to finish probably about a week. Herefs what Ifve been planningc
I want You two to come with me on a journey to find what people throughout the world have been searching for for 225 years. I want you to come with me on a search for The American Dream. Hunter S. Thompson, I believe, was totally on the right track back in 1971, back when he wrote my Bible, gFear & Loathing In Las Vegas.h He had only a few small problems which ultimately resulted in the failure of his journey, and Ifll get into those in a second. I believe that itfs now up to Us, the Chosen Few, which I have taken the liberty of calling whomever decides to come with me, to find The American Dream.
About the flaws in Hunter S. Thompsonfs journey:

Youth. Wefre three young, intelligent, able-bodied, narcotically-experienced men, too old to be gimpressionableh and gimmatureh but still young enough to be considered gyouthfulh and gfresh.h Wefre still young enough to determine the courses of our respective lives, and we havenft yet been completely ruined by the harsh realities and cynicisms of the Real World. To put it simply, wefre still young enough to fuck ourselves up without fucking ourselves over.

Location. Hunter S. Thompson had the idea that The American Dream would be found in Las Vegas. This is a good idea, as it is essentially the type of place in which some kind of Dream is bound to be found, seeing how it is basically a multi-billion dollar gambling mall built smack in the middle of the fucking desert, seeked out by millions of people every year from all over the world. But after a long time of thinking things through, in several distinct altered states, Ifve come to the conclusion that The American Dream, if existent at all, can only be found in one place, right under our noses for the past two-something decades: California.

Distractions. When Hunter S. Thompson went off to Las Vegas from LA, he had other intentions for the trip when he first set out. It was purely coincidental that he was sent to Las Vegas, and once he was sent there he first had the idea to search for The American Dream. If we set out with the express purpose of finding it, wefre bound to have more luck than Thompson had. He also had other distractions to worry about, such as unpayable hotel bills, and coworkers and other people who suddenly popped up out of nowhere. Seeing as how wefre not being sent out anywhere in particular by anyone, wefre just going out on our own accord, we wonft have any of those distractions. All wefll have to distract us is a shitload of Drugs.

Violence. One more problem that Thompson had was the constant threat of Physical Violence. Now Scot-tho has never fried before, but as Shea knows, Physical Violence and the looming threat of it is one thing that can seriously fuck up a perfectly smooth-flowing Drug Binge. Along with Thompson was his attorney, Dr. Gonzo. Dr. Gonzo was prone to violent outbursts, which were certainly not helped by the presence of a revolver and several large, sharp knives at his disposal. I admit that sometimes I am also prone to sudden fits of Physical Violence while under the influence of various Narcotics, for some reason this has never happened in the United States and these outbursts are strictly limited to situations in which I have been thoroughly provoked. None of the three of us have ever had any kind of physical altercation between us, except for Scot-thofs and my gKing Of Pain,h which was only once and was not in any way related to interpersonal conflict. Wefve all been cool for years now, and I donft see any threat of Physical Violence of any kind breaking out amongst us for any reason.

You see what I mean?
Now, here are the basics of my plan, which I havenft fully thought out yet, seeing as how this needs to be thought out and agreed on by all those involved.

What Wefll Need:
(These are just rough figures)
An ounce of marijuana
A few grams of hash
A few grams of crystal methamphetamines
About an ounce or two of magic mushrooms
A bottle or two of SKYY vodka
Around nine or so hits of Ecstasy (about 3 per person)
A few boxes of nitrous
A sheet or vile of acid
Two bottles of sleeping pills
Any other Narcotics that we can get our hands on
Two or three sets of clothes per person
Lots of music
Lots of candy (the small, hard, suckable kind)
A box of lightsticks
Two or three cartons of cigarettes (Ifll need around two personally)
A video camera
A regular camera w/film, or a few disposable cameras
A diary-type book and pens or a tape recorder
Lots of water
Money (a few hundred dollars per person, probably)
A car
A map (for Extreme Emergencies Only)
A First Aid kit
A harmonica
Pooled gas money (separate from the personal money)
Feel free to add anything else you may feel is necessary

Where Wefll Be Going
This has not been decided and will not be decided until the day of departure. Basically, wefll go wherever we feel attracted to. Ifm thinking maybe somewhere to the South, but who the fuck knows?

How Long Wefll Be Gone
This has also not been decided, but Ifm thinking it will take around a week.

Who Will Accompany Us
I canft think of anyone who would truly be able to appreciate the spiritual value of actually finding The American Dream outside of the three of us, which is why You are the only ones Ifve sent this mail to. If you can think of anyone else that for some fucked up reason I somehow overlooked, please alert me right away.

When Wefll Be Going
As soon as itfs possible for the three of us (or however many of You will be accompanying me) to get together with an allowing amount of time. This means as soon as I can get back to the States, as soon as Shea can get a week or so off of school and work, whether or not Scot-tho has free time from whatever it is hefll be doing at that time, and as soon as we all have the money and goods together. By that time, any of the three of us will be able to legally purchase alcohol anywhere in the States, so that wonft be a problem. The sleeping pills are readily available at Wal-Mart, and the nitrous can also be easily bought around the Bay Area. I can take care of the Shrooms, because they can be legally purchased here in Japan and brought back to the States easily. The weed shouldnft be a problem, seeing as how everyone we fucking know smokes it. The hash and the meth shouldnft be Too hard to get ahold of as long as we really put our minds to it, and if we have the money to spend I can purchase it over here when I go back to Tokyo for probably about twice the price as it would be sold for in the States, but if itfs the only choice we have, then fuck it, wefll just have to live with it, I guess. The biggest problem facing us would have to be the acid and maybe the Ecstasy, which is going to take some time to find. I guess we could always bite it and go to a fucking rave for the E, which shouldnft be impossible to find, but as for the acid Ifm thinking we may be able to get it from Hannah, who seems to have a connection back at school, which should be in by the time we get around to doing all this shit.

These are the plans I have so far. What do You guys think? Mail me back or call me like whenever you feel like it, man. I got fired from my elementary school teaching job (hahahahahahahahaha), and so Ifm not doing anything at the moment. I went for an interview at a billiard parlor/casino place the other day for a bartending/card dealer job, but it will be at least a week before I start, if I even do, so Ifll be free for awhile.
I hope You guys are able to participate/interested in my plans. If so, or if you just want to tell me to go fuck myself for being a fucking crackhead, mail me back. Ifll be waiting here, man.
See You guys later, and Be Excellent To Each Other.

*End Of Letter*

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Contact me.
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