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Maniacs, Man. Every Single Last One Of Them... Maniacs...

Fucking Christ, Nakatani Miki is tweaking like a fucking bozo on "R-17," man.
"Just another Freak, in the Freak Kingdom..."
Hell yeah.
She was so much fucking prettier when she was younger, up until the "Keizoku" movie. After that, it was all downhill.

I've said it before, but what the fuck is up with all these SKANKY, NASTY, FREAKY-ASS bitches on TV here nowadays? Did the Ugly Federation come and take over all the TV stations in Japan or what the fuck?
Hamasaki Ayumi's surgically enhanced and failed ass, Fujiwara Norika's old shakureteru Jay Leno-looking ass, Matsushima Nanako's alien-looking plastic ass, Butada Hikaru's just-plain-butt-fucking-ugly ass, Kuraki Mai's Butada-wannabe ugly ass, Koyanagi Yuki (Kokaibutsu Yuki)'s fucking monster-looking ass, Chinen Rina's Steven Tyler-looking ass, Uehara Takako's retarded hamster-looking ass, Fukada Kyoko's fat stuck up ass, Sayaka's "I can be just like my mommy" ugly ass, all of them. ESPECIALLY the nasty-ass "Maybe I can get Someone, ANYONE to believe I'm black..." wannabe whores, like Misia, Butada, Kuraki Mai, Kokaibutsu Yuki, Tina, all of these disgusting bitches. I actually HIT Butada's crackwhore-ass with a cigarette once, in Shibuya, at some appearance in front of Tower Records. It was fucking beautiful, man, pegged that bitch with my Marlboro RIGHT in the arm. It was even on the news, I believe.

And I'm not even going to start Thinking about the fucking otaku's, man.

I'm gonna go back to watching "R-17" now, I'm fucking sick of thinking about all of these worthless pieces of wannabe trash. Fuck 'em all. If anybody has anything to say about this (anyone who KNOWS WHO THE FUCK I'M TALKING ABOUT, not just someone with some fucking comment about how it's "mean to talk like that" or some shit), feel free to comment on it.

Later, chillunz.
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