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A Survey I Stole

I stole this. Thanks, Sakari.

Ename: If you don't know, you probably shouldn't
Efamily: Blood - Ken (Father), Lauren (Mum), Mike (Younger Brother), Jodi (Younger Sister); Adopted - Motoaki (Father, dead), Mirei (Mother), Murasaki (Younger Sister)
Elives: Kyoto, Japan
Edoes: Teacher/freelance civilian recreational pharmaceuticals distributor
Eeducation: some high school
Ejobs had: correctional facility occupation
Elast love: Why "last"?
Ebest friends: A couple chillunz
Eshoe size: 11, 11.5
Ebody modifications: 2 ear piercings, tattoo, burns
Efavourite footwear: Black buckle dress shoes
Efavourite outfit: My special black suit
Ehaircolour: Light brown
Eeye colour: Blue
Edo i snore: Yeah, and I talk, too
Escared of: Are you talking to me?
Eworst place to be in the summer: Early evening subway
Emost embarrassing CD in collection: "Long Vacation" soundtrack
Ewhat's in the purple box and the grey box that i keep locked: I don't have one, but if I did it would probably be a gun and some teeth
Edo i smoke or do drugs: Oh yeah, it's what I DO, hahaha
Edo i drink: Bet your ass
Ecellphone: A DoCoMo i-Mode Full Color P209iS, and a Toshiba H Hyper Carrots PHS
Ei really should stop: Going to jail
Eweird things i do: Make A-bomb and "glow in the dark" jokes at the Peace Park in Hiroshima
Ethings i do too much: Shoot people
Eobsession: I'm 20, I'm a guy, and I live with my woman. Fucking guess
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