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The Reason God Invented Things Like Cerebral Hemorrhages

Butada Hikaru.

That fucking bitch is the reason.

If you live in Japan, or somehow keep up with Japanese music and/or news, you'll probably have heard of this by the time you read this entry. Butada Hikaru has just participated in one of the most disgustingly blatant and obvious publicity stunts I've ever witnessed. You know about those little kids who got their asses stabbed to death by that Takuma guy in Osaka a few weeks ago? Well, Butada has decided that because one of the lucky little girls was "a big fan" of hers, she's going to "dedicate" her newest single to one of the murdered girls.

I don't care what anyone tells you, that is complete, 100% BULLSHIT, folks.

I can't fucking believe that they're letting that bitch and her fucking record company get away with this fucking sacrilege, man. The saddest thing is, with the current state of affairs in Japan recently (basically I'm talking about 99% of the people in Japan being FUCKING morons these days), I'll bet you won't hear a SINGLE word of this shit on the news, outside of how "kind and caring" and shit Butada is supposed to be.

People need to be more careful.
Bad things might happen.
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