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mongoose's Journal

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*King Tatsumi*
26 June
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My name is Mongoose/Tatsumi/Banchou/Whatever you like, and I'm an alcoholic.

"Hi, Tatsumi!"

Just kidding.

Anyway, I'm an American living in Kyoto (and sometimes Tokyo), Japan, those of you who live here on My Island may have seen me around before, I'm really big and really loud and "shiny" and I'm pretty hard to miss.

To anyone living in/around Kyoto, I can usually be found hanging around Saiin on Shijo-dori, or at Kyoto GaiDai, on the 1-Cafe patio. I'm the chainsmoking American guy in the black and gold banchou suit surrounded by hiphop kids and girls with bright miniskirts and way too much makeup.

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